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Triple Win LIVE: Innovative “Shared Housing” with Atticus LeBlanc

June 23, 2022

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What if a resident’s credit score doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think? What if you could actually increase profit by creating “shared housing”? And what if you were helping to create affordable housing in the process?

In this episode, we’re joined by Atticus Leblanc, the founder of PadSplit. Atticus has been an affordable housing advocate and investor since 2008 when he began acquiring distressed single-family homes in Southwest Atlanta. He founded PadSplit in 2017 based on the concept that shared housing in a single-family setting could provide attractive, accountable, & affordable housing without the need for public subsidy.

Listen as Atticus talks about this innovative new concept in SFR and answers your questions in this Triple Win LIVE recording.   


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Hosted by Andrew Smallwood and Laura Mac 
Featuring Atticus LeBlanc
Produced by Andrew Smallwood, Laura Mac, and Carol Housel
Edited by Carol Housel and Isaac Balachandran

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